Coastal Half Day 9am to 3pm $1025
Catalina Island 9am to 9pm $2150
Catalina Overnight 9pm to 5pm $2995
Santa Barbara Island 9am to 9pm $2150
San Clemente Overnight 9pm to 5pm $2995
Off-Shore 9am to 9pm $2995
Off-Shore Overnight 9pm to 5pm $3495
Outer Island “Reverse” Day and a Half 10am Overnight until 3pm next day $3695
Whale Watching 2 Hour minimum $300hr
Lobster and Bass Combo trips 3pm to 9pm (October to March) $1350


HALF DAY TRIP: We will always attempt to catch Yellowtail and White Seabass if they are in half day range, before moving on to target Sand Bass, Calico Bass, Halibut and Rockfish.

QUARTER DAY LOCAL: Call for pricing. This trip will target bass and halibut on the Venice and Marina del Rey reefs.

¾ DAY TRIP: This trip will offer you a much better chance at getting into a White Seabass or Yellowtail bite. The time of the season will determine what we are targeting on these trips so please feel free to contact us by email or phone to find out what has been biting.

FULL DAY TRIP: A full day excursion will give you a much greater distance and the timeline to fish two tides in a day. This greatly increases your chances at landing a fish of a lifetime. These trips allow the Captain the option of fishing the Outer Islands for White Seabass, Halibut and Yellowtail or offshore for kelp paddie fishing for Yellowtail, Yellowfin or Bluefin Tuna and Mahi Mahi.

OVERNIGHT TRIP: We will be targeting White Seabass or Tuna depending on the time of the season on the Overnight Trips. The White Seabass like to bite at night, greylight and dusk most of the time. The Seabass like to eat live squid and we will be catching our own bait while lighting up the water with our custom installed Squidmax light system.

1.5 DAY TRIP: This trip will give the anglers the opportunity to fish the entire day and evening bites. This will give you the best opportunity to target the big Bluefin Tuna in our local waters. These fish tend to bite in the early morning hours and then go on a feeding frenzy at dusk into the darkness of night. This is the trip we will be utilizing the Greenstick and Kite fishing techniques to trigger the big tuna to bite.

2 DAY TRIP: We will target the big tuna and will utilize the Greenstick and Kite techniques on two evenings of fishing. This trip will allow for two full sundowner bite opportunities while staying overnight at one of the local islands. Please call for pricing and availability.

REVERSE 1.5 DAY TRIP: At times we will want to do a “Reverse Day and a Half” to target the White Seabass at their prime feeding times. This trip will allow for fishing throughout the night and morning hours and allow time for the Dusk bite on the departure day. These trips will leave the dock at 10am and return the following day at 3pm.

10 HR LOCAL LOBSTER/BASS COMBO TRIP: Leaving the dock at 1pm will give us the time needed to get the lobster nets in the water and leave plenty of time to fish for bass and halibut while we wait for the sun to go down and for the lobster to start crawling. These are really fun trips as it gives you two distinctly different fishing experiences in one trip.

Fin Fetish is a full service private charter operation.The Fin Fetish crew is passionate about sharing their knowledge and will assist you with the equipment in every way you may need to ensure you have a fantastic experience.
Please bring your own food, drinks, and fishing license.
*A fuel surcharge and Mexican permits charge may apply.
*A 6% docking charge will be added to the above pricing
*Prices subject to change without notice.