Our Bertram 31’ was originally designed for customs and border patrol work, search and rescue missions, and of course to ferry anglers to offshore fishing grounds. With six hundred and thirty horsepower, a cruise speed of 22 knots and top speed of 28 knots you can rest assured to be on the fishing grounds and ready for action at the prime fishing time.  Nothing in powerboating history has equaled the worldwide popularity of the Bertram’s original Deep-V’s smooth ride. We are fully licensed and inspected by the United States Coast Guard to carry up to 6 passengers to the offshore banks and local islands in style. Our Fishing Vessel “FIN FETISH” is fully equipped with top of the line Furuno and Raymarine electronics including a 24 mile Radar and AIS for safe passage on even the darkest nights. The newly installed 100 gallon bait tank and Bennett trim tabs insure your bait will not only make it the distance, but be fresh and lively for the entire trip.  Offering a wide range of fishing excursions, our vessel is equipped with a galley to make hot food and has comfortable sleeping accommodations. We specialize in targeting White Seabass, Yellowtail, Halibut, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Pacific Spiny Lobster. We also use a powerful electric line hauler for those nights when fishing for lobster is out in the deep water or when you feel like relaxing instead of hand pulling the nets in the shallows. We are one of the first, if not THE first charter vessel to offer “Greenstick” fishing for large Bluefin Tuna on the West Coast. This style of fishing is nothing short of spectacular.  Seeing the strike of large Bluefin Tuna jumping completely out of the water chasing our lures is absolutely addicting. Our large electric reel will haul in the main line while you and your friends fight the large tuna on state of the art rod and reel gear. When conditions are right we also fly the kite, teasing tuna to attack the flying fish lures with astonishing visual explosions. Dedication to customer satisfaction is our #1 goal and helping new anglers enjoy what we live for on a daily basis is our passion.

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