About us

Welcome to Fin Fetish Sportfishing. We offer Private Charters for up to six guests and a wide variety of offshore adventures for everyone from the most seasoned fishing veteran to those who have never fished before. Always looking for new ways to give the guest an advantage, we consistently come up with interesting new ways to trigger the fish to bite. We never stop looking for that one fish, the magic one that will make an incredible memory for our guests. Our passion for the ocean and its natural resources will show from the moment you depart on a journey with us. We highly encourage (CPR) Catch, Photo and Release, especially for our coast’s highly prized Striped Marlin, and release fish safely when you feel you have enough fish to take home. Any species we intend to harvest is done so with the utmost care to insure incredible table fare. Using our “Iki jime” technique and then saltwater icing your catch to perfection prior to processing them is the key to insuring it is the highest quality seafood you can ask for. We also provide you with delicious, easy to prepare recipes for every type of seafood we harvest.